Everyone’s celebrating the Chinese Year of the Goat as part of the tradition of Chinese Astrology and Goat years are known to foster creativity. For leaders in Australia and New Zealand being creative is more important than ever. Running any organisation faced with fast changing industry shifts, increased global competition and demands to increase performance more quickly than ever is proving a Herculean task. That is why here we uncover ‘new ways of working’ that can ease some of the pressure on local leaders in 2015 and offer concrete solutions to tackle these challenges.  Some of the ‘new ways of working’ are more creative than others but all are practical and proven ways to increase performance through your people.

We suggest modern day leaders adopt the following new ways of working:

  • Creating an energising environment to address the new talent war with the onset of the Gen Y workforce and growing individualism in employees. Find out more
  • Understanding that a focus on consumers doesn’t just mean beating the drum about being more consumer centric. Find out more
  • Adopting a different way of looking at performance management. Find out more
  • Leaving the ego at the door when it comes to leading the future workforce. Find out more
  • Promoting self-efficacy to manage the growing impact of digitisation and a mobile workforce. Find out more


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Anita is a Senior Client Partner and Head of Korn Ferry’s Assessment & Succession practice, Australasia. She works directly with CEOs, CEO successors and top teams and also advises organisations on broader leadership development and talent strategies. Anita’s areas of passion include CEO and senior leadership development and the development of talent in Asia.

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