In our kick-off article, we highlighted that the e-commerce industry has taken off across Indonesia. In fact, we observed evidence of increasing revenue for the e-commerce industry across the globe, particularly evident in emerging markets.


Since 2009, global e-commerce growth in new markets has significantly outpaced the U.S. as well as other mature markets. Growth in mature markets like the U.K., Japan, and Western Europe is slowing to make way for emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and most notably, Asia Pacific has shown the fastest regional growth and strongest market base over the past three years.

These trends are here to stay. The overall global e-commerce industry is projected to grow at 14 percent from 2012 to 2016 – mainly with emerging markets such as Asia Pacific and Latin America driving this growth. Korn Ferry believes that this growth will continue in 2017.

Indonesia is now positioned as Asia’s next biggest e-commerce hotspot for its abundance of opportunities among other emerging Asian economies. As such, the industry has seen many new entrants vying for a slice of the pie in the recent years.

Despite the rapid growth, Korn Ferry research unveiled that the industry is still in the ‘Introduction’ phase In Indonesia. That could only mean that there is still much untapped potential waiting to be uncovered.

According to our study, most e-commerce organizations in Indonesia are focused on promoting the products/services to early adopters based on their needs and wants. Regardless, they should not neglect their most valuable asset – the employees. One key challenge these organizations grapple with is finding the best talent – an issue that stems from the general lack of expertise in finding and identifying the right talents, as well as preparing and retaining them for the dynamic industry.

Korn Ferry has identified some key questions organizations should ask themselves when it comes to attraction, rewarding, development and retention & engagement.


We firmly believe that once you have the right talent onboard, you’re set for success.

Having a strong employer brand is one compelling way to attract new talents. Many organizations are using social media and recruitment tools, such as using gaming simulation, during recruitment process, as they are deemed to be fast and effective in picking out the right talents. These tools have proven to be particularly interesting to the tech-savvy millennials. What’s more, organizations are perceived to have a readiness to invest if it uses technology at the beginning of the recruitment process.

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Hiring is both an art and a science. Though it is not unusual to hear someone hiring based on ‘instinct’, or relying on ‘gut feeling’, there is an increasing number of organizations that are including psychometric assessments in their recruitment process. More organizations are now mindful of the level of standardization and objectivity psychometric assessments offer; removing any unconscious bias that may occur during decision-making.

Currently, most e-commerce organizations are currently up against the same challenge – to hire quickly to fill a large number of positions. As such, they need to have the right tools that are simple to use and easily accessible via all technology platforms to better attract the right candidates.

Here are some questions you should consider when selecting a psychometric assessment:

  • Is the assessment content appropriate for the role?
  • Are you clear about what you’re trying to measure?
  • Does it have appropriate comparison (norm) groups for the roles you are hiring?
  • Does it have acceptable levels of reliability?
  • Does it have documented evidence of validity that is relevant to the population you intend to use it with?
  • Will it be perceived as fair and relevant by those taking the test?
  • Is it practical in terms of time, costs and resources?

Good news is, we can help you out.

We at Korn Ferry design and develop innovative online tools that support organizations in making connections between assessments for recruitment, development, team building and identifying potential. These tools provide analysis of personalities, abilities and 360-feedback using one flexible assessment system, while considering the candidate’s cognitive capabilities in verbal, numerical, logical and personality.

Our strong assessment tool, Talent Q, is an online dynamic tool that is effective in helping organizations find the right candidate. Talent Q is an independent measure of one’s competencies, abilities, personality and motivation, is a reliable way to predict job performance.
This is why we believe we stand out against the rest of the assessments available on the market:

  1. Contemporary assessments that rest on a rock solid technology platform.
  2. Compact, easy to use portfolio that assesses personality preferences and abilities using one flexible online system.
  3. Customized to client competencies and brand.
  4. Extensive and growing language availability for global application.
  5. Quick to complete.

Start making better recruitment decisions with adaptive testing now to reap the most benefits for your organization.

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