2020 will forever be known as the year of the Global Pandemic. And the year in which we redefined the concept of workplace.

Businesses now face a new dilemma in developing the right structure for their organisations, and their employees. How to engage their people, manage productivity, develop informal communication channels and at the same time be sensitive to the ever-changing policies on return to work. HR departments will need to review all their existing structures and be prepared to rip up the rule book.

In our new report, Zooming in on the future of work, we identify five forces impacting organisational design:

Re-thinking global mobility
The shift to remote working means that a significant part of the workforce is now globally mobile. Distributed teams and a dispersed workplace can create more equitable opportunities for talent in a cost-effective manner.

A new workplace model: OHRO
Successful organisations will need to position different roles and employees into at least one of these archetypes: (O) Onsite, (H) Hybrid, (R) Remote, (O) Outsource.

Acquisition beyond boundaries
Talent availability and mobility has traditionally been both driven and constrained by their desire to move or re-locate to new places. But with a growing sense of nationalism putting the ‘expat hiring’ model under pressure, organisations need to think creatively about how different types of work can be achieved from different locations.

Fluid management networks
Leaders will need to be able to drive engagement and motivation across more complex cultural nuances, with teams based in different locations and less physical visibility.

Accelerating the engagement shift to purpose
As we move from a ‘high-touch’ to a ‘low-touch’ world we are seeing an increasing shift towards value and purpose. There will be a quantum leap in the employee value proposition, shifting from tangible reward to purpose over the next decade.

To learn more about these trends and how they will impact your organisation, download: Zooming in on the future of work.


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Nick is the Managing Director, Head of Global Financial Markets, Asia Pacific at Korn Ferry. He is also the Regional Sector Leader for Retail, Consumer and Digital Banking.​

Kartikey Singh is the Head of Reward and an Associate Client Partner based in Korn Ferry Singapore. He has worked in other regional and global roles in the area of Rewards and Benefits before moving to Singapore. He has significant experience in all areas of executive and broad based compensation, including design of Total Reward programs, development of compensation philosophies, strategies and alignment with business strategies.

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