Building and inspiring teams. Imparting wisdom. Driving innovation. Managing disruption. Demands and expectations of a leader are high and are only getting higher in our uncertain and fast-moving world. It isn’t easy to be a great leader in this environment but in the work that we do (every three minutes we place a professional in a new job and assess thousands of individuals every year) we constantly identify individuals who are capable of raising above the bar. The pool is small though. According to our latest research only 15 percent of leaders globally possess the characteristics of leaders fit for the future.

What companies can do to tackle this complex issue and ensure their leadership pipeline does not run dry? Stephen Johnston, Senior Client Partner in Korn Ferry Sydney, has consulted on leadership widely, and recently did a presentation on the topic at the Korn Ferry Self-Disruptive Leader event in Sydney. In this video, Stephen discusses the traits of great leaders and what organisations and HR departments need to do to ensure they widen the pipeline and maintain a flow of Self-Disruptive Leaders.

“Leaders need to demonstrate a new mindset in an increasingly volatile and uncertain business environment. In essence, the new Korn Ferry leadership model is asking us to disrupt our patterns of thinking, behaviour and beliefs that kept us stuck in a way of doing things.” Stephen Johnston, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry


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Stephen Johnston is a Senior Client Partner for Korn Ferry Advisory, Australia. He possesses extensive experience in succession planning, leadership assessment and development, and executive coaching. He joined Korn Ferry in early 2006, after holding a number of senior management positions in the media/entertainment and FMCG sectors. His most recent position was CEO for Video Ezy Australasia, prior to which he spent seven years with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment initially as retail sales director, then managing director.

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