In most organisations, getting the CEO transition right is a complex and often challenging experience for the board. A smooth transition promotes confidence in the new leadership and protects shareholder value. In founder-led organisations, the transition to a non-founder CEO is particularly challenging. Founders are usually deeply attached to the business and a transition to a new leader often signals a profound change in the direction and/or culture of the organisation.

Korn Ferry conducted in depth interviews with key players, including founders, chairpersons, directors, and investors in Australia-based founder-led businesses with employee numbers ranging from under 100 up to 1,000.

This report, When the founder steps down—leadership transition in a founder-led organisation, provides insight into; how to maximise succession transitions within founder-led companies, and those aspects of founder-led organisations that make succession events within such environments a unique leadership challenge.

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Tony Rossano is a Senior Client Partner and Managing Director, Global Technology Markets, APAC for Korn Ferry, based in Australia. He leads the Global Technology Markets practice for APAC region. He is responsible for Korn Ferry's talent solutions across the Digital and Technology space. In addition to his leadership role, Tony continues to partner with clients to deliver talent solutions that meet strategic and operational business imperatives.

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