Sales team leaders are key in driving revenue performance. But often the most effective salespeople are promoted to lead others – a fundamental talent error. Read the new Korn Ferry research report to find out why.

According to a new report by Korn Ferry , in their rush to find leaders to manage their sales forces, too many companies reflexively focus on top sales performers. It may make sense on paper, but it’s a fundamental talent error that undercuts salespeople’s effectiveness. The qualities that make effective salespeople are not the same as those that make great sales leaders.

Korn Ferry research, conducted over decades and involving many different companies and dozens of interviews, has found that: Excellent salespeople are driven by the need for individual achievement. They are personally competitive, enjoy being accountable for their own performance, and they thrive on immediate, and objective feedback.

The best sales leaders, the research shows, are a different breed: They may sell well, but are less competitive. They get greater satisfaction from helping and supporting others, and are motivated by relationship concerns. They like to coach, develop, and manage others.

Certainly, this is no small issue. Korn Ferry found that the team climate a sales manager creates is the No. 1 driver of sales revenue—even more important than the competency of individual salespeople. And decades of research shows that the right climate can increase bottom-line sales performance by up to 30 percent.

In this report  we share with you best practices to grow revenue performance with great sales teams in your organisation.


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