Transforming the culture of an organisation involves pragmatic, careful, and coordinated tuning of key levers such as values and behaviours, leadership, individual and team capability, organisation and job design, performance management, reward, and most importantly, ways of working. You may have a compelling vision and a brilliant strategy but without the right organisational culture, the vision and strategy will simply be words on a page.

When Olga Havnen took the helm of Danila Dilba Health Service (DDHS) – a community-based provider of primary healthcare services to the Indigenous community in Darwin, Australia, she soon realised that to become a high-performing, “gold standard” organisation, she would have to take the organisation through a culture transformation journey: “We had to get everyone aligned with what we were trying to achieve, from medical receptionists, transport officers and GPs. They had to get a sense of why culture in an organisation is so important and understand not only what the expectations were in terms of behaviours and performance but how to live the values we profess to have.”

In the following videos, Olga talks about how she worked with her team to transform DDHS and created a culture of engagement and performance. Read DDHS' transformation story here.

Video #1: Olga Havnen, CEO of Danila Dilba Health Service, shares her perspectives on lessons from DDHS' culture transformation (13 min).

Video #2: Olga Havnen, CEO of Danila Dilba Health Service, offers advice to CEOs who are contemplating transforming their organisations (2 min).

Video #3: Olga Havnen, CEO of Danila Dilba Health Service, talks about the impact of culture transformation on employee engagement (2 min).

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