• Introducing: A new breed of future-ready leaders
    Discover a new model of leadership that will drive organizations to adapt, collaborate, and excel in disruptive times.
    Get ready to take your Talent Management to the next level in 2019. Korn Ferry’s new eBook looks into the complex world of work and shows how to reshape your talent strategy to win.
  • The Global Talent Crunch
    Global labour shortages of 85.2 million skilled workers are projected by 2030. This paper helps leaders understand the scale, impact, and timing of the global talent crunch in their organisation, sector, and the regions where they operate.
  • The talent shift
    The Talent Shift collected the views of leaders to understand what their organisations are doing to prepare for the talent crisis.
  • Digital Leadership in Asia Pacific
    Organisations are facing a cultural revolution of a magnitude never before seen. Creating and sustaining change on this scale requires a new profile of leader – a leader for the digital age.
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  • More than a pay gap: the wider problem of gender inequality at work
    Korn Ferry’s report shows that gender pay gap exposes talent management deficiencies and how organisations can address them.
  • The Korn Ferry Digital Sustainability Index 2017
    Discover how industries and countries perform on the Korn Ferry Digital Sustainability Index and understand the five critical dimensions that foster digital sustainability.  
  • The Future of Work is Human
    Although organisations obsess over technology and its promise, people hold huge, measurable value. And they can’t be neglected in the future of work, Korn Ferry research finds.
  • Rethink how you recruit, develop, promote, and reward women
    This Korn Ferry study offers a solid business case for why the gender pay gap must be closed and what organisations can do to better utilise the female talent of their workforce.
  • When the founder steps down
    Getting the CEO transition right is a complex and often challenging experience for the board. This report investigates leadership transition in founder-led organisations and provides insight into how to maximise succession transitions in founder-led companies.
  • From Soft Skills to Emotional Intelligence
    What impact can ‘Emotional Intelligence’ have for business? What is being measured with EI tools? How can we be sure that the results are valid? Read to find out.
  • Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of effective leadership
    Leaders with more emotional intelligence skills have a better chance of building successful teams. Learn how to measure and develop EI and help your leaders make a positive impact.
  • Rebuild to Last: The Journey to Digital Sustainability
    The digital economy has its own rules. To succeed, traditional organisations will need to transform their culture and the way they work. But they can’t afford to transform only once. They need to be comfortable with a constant state of change.