The value to society of a productive, working relationship between business and government is clear; government creates the policy environment – the levers - for the economy to grow and business uses those levers to create jobs and prosperity.

Government relies on business to support and deliver public policy and for most businesses, their ‘license to operate’ depends on their ability to work – and comply – with government. Theirs is a complex dance – which favours those skilled in the art of stakeholder management.

Korn Ferry conducted face-to-face interviews with former Australian politicians, senior public servants and leaders in public policy debate who currently have roles in business. We also spoke to two prominent New Zealanders who have deep knowledge of the intersection between government and business. Our approach was apolitical; our aim solely to learn how big business and government can establish relationships that will improve policy outcomes for industry and society more broadly. Our report, Business and Government – a complex dance, examines the relationship between these important institutions. It is a resource for boards, CEOs, executive teams, and government affairs practitioners. Those serving in government will also be interested in views captured in this report.

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